Reviewer advice on types of logs

CacheViewer is a volunteer geocache reviewer. A geocache reviewer is someone who reviews listings against the geocaching guidelines and regional laws before publishing them. Reviewers also keep an eye on the health of geocaches in your area by monitoring logs posted on geocache pages. The following advice from CacheViewer was originally posted in the ANSG facebook page on July 25, 2021:

Log types:

Found It

  • When? After you visited the coordinates AND SIGNED THE LOGBOOK.

  • Why? Because you found it

  • Bonus: adding a picture of the logbook, share the condition of the cache and tell about your adventure.

  • When not to use it: When you found a string, magnetic, found area clear cut, were in the area or any time you have not signed the logbook.

    • Why not? Because your false log makes it appear that the cache is in good condition, and you did not find & SIGN the cache!

Didn't Find It (DNF)

  • When? when you looked and did not find the cache or did not sign the logbook cause there was none, or you found possible signs of the cache like a string or magnet.

  • WHY? Cause it lets others know that it may be missing if there are multiple DNF's . Don't worry; everyone misses the obvious at some time or another. How often do you look for something at home to find it right out in the open?

Needs maintenance

  • When? The logbook is full, the container is damaged, or a growing list of DNF's

  • Why? Because you want the cache owner to check their cache and alert other cachers of a possible issue.

Needs archive

  • When? You have already logged your DNF, logged a "needs maintenance", waited a while, and nothing has changed. For example:

    • The area is clear cut, private property, or the cache was removed.

    • The coordinates are clearly wrong.

    • The container has been bulldozed or hit by a lawnmower.

  • Why? You want the reviewer to know there is an issue, and this cache needs to be looked at. The cache should be at least disabled, which a reviewer can do.

  • When not to use it:

    • The cache is missing a pencil,

    • logbook full,

    • you could not find it today (No, you're not so awesome that when you can't find it, it is OBVIOUSLY missing, Start with a DNF!)

For cache owners

As the cache owner, you have extra options for log types on caches you own....

Update Coordinates

  • When? You made a typo or had to move the cache.

  • Why? Because cachers are looking in the wrong area and you know it.

Owner Maintenance

  • When? ANYTIME you have PHYSICALLY CHECKED your cache. Think of it as a found it log for owners. WOOHOO! You found your own cache, and it is in great condition. Let others know that.

  • Why? Because you want people to know the cache is in good condition and to clear any needs maintenance icons on your cache.

  • When not to you it? When a reviewer posted a note, and you are afraid it will be archived so you log an owner maintenance log saying you will visit it later.

  • When your cache appears to have an issue, I strongly encourage you to disable the cache explaining when you can check on it or post a note on what the plan is.

Oh crap! The reviewer has posted a note/disable/archived my cache. Now what?

  • Respond to the reviewer (and all cachers) by posting a log on your cache, choose the best option, use the info here to figure it out.

  • The reviewer will give you more time and maybe nudge you again later.

  • If it is archived and you think it is in error, email the reviewer, explain the issue and have a conversation.

Find out about other log types not mentioned and more in the Help Center:

Go to events. Meet other Cachers. Ask questions.

Clear as mud now?