ANSG T-shirts

The ANSG will be selling T-shirts in Fall 2023.

Order deadline is November 15, 2023. December 1, 2023

2 styles are available. Color for both shirts is TRUE ROYAL; sizing information is on the 2nd page of the PDFs at the links below.

Shirt 1: Adult Performance T-shirt, $30 + sleeve options + tax

Shirt 2: Adult Pro Spun T-shirt,  $25 + sleeve options + tax


Additional customizations possible:

How it will work:

The ANSG needs to pre-order shirts.  You will need to pre-pay for your order.  Fill out this form.  You will be contacted after completing the form, with instructions to e-transfer payment.  Note that the ANSG will not be mailing shirts.  Shirts will be distributed at geocaching events or via the informal NS geocaching network.