Notice of Annual General Meeting
(posted April 22, 2022,
updated May 14 and May 27)

To : All current or interested members of the Association of Nova Scotia Geocaching (ANSG)

Please be advised that the AGM for the ANSG will be held on Sunday May 29, 2022at 11:00am at Victoria Park Truro NS and online. For information on the online meeting, email

The current ANSG executive will provide an annual report and financial update. There will be discussion of the upcoming year's plan/priorities (as driven by attendees), and the election of officers will occur. The voting if required will be done in person only. will be done online.

May 27 update: There will not be an election this year. The number of nominees wasn't larger than the number of vacancies on the board.

As all members of the executive are all new as of last year 2 spots will be open this year to remain inline with the bi-laws. Please email your letter of interest with a brief bio to These will be shared upon receiving and at the meeting.

See also the event cache GC9PKC6 for an exact location.

In the event of an election, here is how the voting will work

Each voter will be given a unique token (say a random word). When they cast their vote anonymously, they include the token. The vote counters will identify the legitimate votes (the ones with tokens). The vote counters won't know who cast what vote. And since each voter gets just 1 token, they can't (illegally) vote more than once.

The details:

There would be 2 groups of trusted helpers, each with at least 2 people. Group 1 (the token team) would make up a list of tokens (say choosing words at random from an English dictionary). They distribute tokens to voters. Only the token team would know what voter has which token, and they would not share this “linkage” with anyone. Group 2 would be the "vote counters". The token team would give the vote counters a list of valid tokens. The token team would not tell the vote counters who had what token, or even who was voting. The vote counters would use an online form to collect votes and tokens anonymously. Only votes that have a valid token would be counted. The vote counters would report the results.

There should be at least 2 trusted people in each group, so no one person can break the rules. For example, if there was a single person on the token team, they could make up extra tokens, give them to friends, who could use them to cast multiple votes. Or if there was a single vote-counter, they could report fake results. So the token team and the vote counters must be groups of at least 2 people.

The election could be done in real-time. Voters would be all those in attendance, either virtually or in-person. Each voter would be given a token (eg by email or text). This might take 10 or 15 minutes. Then voting would be done by an online poll. The poll might be open for 5 or 10 minutes. Then results would be tallied and reported.